A global survey measuring the impact and outlook of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses' digital strategies has recently attracted our attention. The research carried out by the cloud communication platform Twilio guides companies that invest in communication technology on how to develop their digital strategies.

This survey, with more than 2,500 corporate decision makers, is a good resource to address the complexity posed by the pandemic process crisis and to understand how to continue moving forward.

Let's examine the prominent titles of this research by Twilio together.

1. Digital transformation journey of companies
96% of the companies participating in the survey think that the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation process of the companies. 77% of them stated that they increased their digital transformation investments in this process. When the investment values ​​are examined; It turns out that the UK's digital transformation average has been accelerated by 5.3 years. In line with the data collected, we can say that Covid-19 is the digital accelerator of the last decade.

2. Digital transformation is gaining momentum
Today's companies are acting much faster than before in the digital transformation process. The companies participating in the survey say that they have gained 37% speed in strategy development processes with digitalization after the pandemic, their manager approval processes are accelerated by 35%, they have achieved a 35% increase in updating old software, and they have solved time problems by 33%.

3.Company values ​​are rising
The epidemic process, which provides great advantages for companies that keep up with digital transformation and make the right technology investments, rapidly strengthens many industries, especially technology. The research shows that technology companies have grown by 78%, energy companies by 77%, the health services sector by 74%, the construction sector by 71% and the retail sector by 70%. It is predicted that e-commerce organizations in the retail sector add value to their companies with an acceleration of 6.1 years compared to the beginning of the pandemic.

4. Remote Working is Getting Widespread
Digital technologies create new opportunities for remote work every day. Almost all of the businesses surveyed show that digital technologies are constantly going to work remotely.

As a result, as the digital transformation continues to accelerate and offer new advantages, it is of great importance for companies and brands to adapt to this transformation. With this process, employee health and safety needs are transformed as you continue your business life.

So, are you ready enough for transformation for the future of your company and your employees?

Source: Twilio