After working home office due to the COVID-19 virus, many people of returning to offices, hospitals, schools and other work areas is increasing day by day for many sectors. Institutions and organizations that increase the health safety and hygiene measures taken for their employees in the first stage of continuing their business life, benefit from innovative sterilization technologies in order to provide a better experience to their customers and to provide a more sterile experience in the second stage.

Whatever the working area is, UV-C solutions, one of the most practical methods of eliminating the risk of viruses that can be transported, provide great benefits in the sterilization process for many institutions and organizations today. So what is UV-C? How to use? What are the benefits? Which UV-C solution is the right choice for you?

Let's discover all the curiosities about UV-C and more together!

What is UV-C?
It all started in 1800 with the research of the British astronomer Freidrich William Herschel, born in Germany, using a glass prism with light colors. He then proceeded with Johann Wilhelm Ritter's discovery of the effects of the purple end of the light spectrum, which he discovered in his experiments in 1801, and these rays were later called ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) have a shorter wavelength than the rays we see with the eyes; However, due to the beam frequency they create, they damage the DNA structure of the microorganisms that come across them in a very fast time and cause them to lose their effects. There are many different types of ultraviolet light; However, the most known of these can be defined as UV-A, UV-B and the most effective of this group of rays UV-C.

Today, all microorganisms, including viruses that can even resist antibiotics, are vulnerable to UV-C rays. However, it is necessary to be very careful in the use of these very harmful rays. Otherwise, the use of these rays is highly harmful to human health.

How is UV-C Used Against Covid-19?
Although the most important method of combating Covid-19 is to pay attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness, hospital rooms, restaurants, offices and many other working environments where many people work together can be risky for the spread of Covid-19. For this reason, regularly disinfecting these areas with UV-C solutions offers a healthier environment.

You can evaluate the Ragnar, ESL-20 and Case UV-C solutions produced by TTAF Medical as a result of research and development processes by watching the videos we share below.

Mall Experience with Ragnar UV-C

Healthcare Sterilization with ESL-20

Fast and Safe Sterilization with Case UV-C

As we have shared above, the usage area of UV-C technology is quite wide and it is the most effective solution for the sterilization it provides in the process of combating covid-19. Just visit our Sterilization page to learn more about our safe UV-C solutions, one of the numerous projects we have developed at TTAF.

We wish you safe, healthy and peaceful days.