- The disinfectant fluid is transformed into cold steam with a special technology, allowing better penetration into the skin.

- It is enough to approach the device and put your hands in for the disinfection to start. The disinfectant reaches every part of the hands in 15 seconds as intense cold steam.

- Easy to use: Get closer, put your hands in the disinfection cell illuminated by the green light that lights up when it detects you. When the light in the cell is yellow and the warning sounds, take your hands off.



Working Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz
Power Consumption: 48W
Maximum Steam Output: 600-1000ml / h
Sterilization Time: 15s
Sensing Distance: 50cm
Dimensions: 515mm x 350mm x 1580mm
Tank Capacity: 15L
Weight: 23Kg

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