- Hayalet UV-C is an effective domestic production solution against all microbes and bacteria with strong UVC-G rays. Thanks to its wheels, it is a practical, easy to carry, portable, robust and user-friendly sterilization device.

- It detects motion up to 5m distance thanks to its motion sensor Sterilization process stops automatically when motion is detected. In the meantime, the yellow warning light turns on and gives an audible warning.

- Sterilization Time (with reference to the SARS virus): It has been determined as 15 minutes for an area of 3m radius, 35 minutes for an area of 5m radius.



Working Voltage: 220 ~ 240VAC 50 / 60Hz
Power Factor: > 0.9
Max. Voltage Resistance: 6Kv Line-Line, 10kV Line-Earth
Electrical Insulation Class: Class 1
Color Temperature: UV-C (265 ~ 285nm)
Light Source: SMD LED
Light Source Life: > 8000 hours
Number of LEDs: 120 pcs
Body: Aluminum Injection
Dimensions: 535x295x250mm

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